Can technological breakthroughs help solve the climate crisis? Photo by Martin Adams.

The Climate Change Dilemma

Without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges we currently face (and ever have faced), is collectively solving the climate crisis. There is growing recognition of the urgency of the problem, with major nations including the UK and the US recently committing to ambitious, legally-binding climate commitments.

But what is behind these ‘net-zero’ commitments? Simply put, net-zero means that our greenhouse gas emissions are in balance with our greenhouse gas removals; and to achieve this, radical change is needed both at a local and a global level. Carbon removal will play a key part in meeting these climate goals. …

If you’ve ever tried to read into carbon offsets, you’ll have noticed the area is inevitably accompanied by controversy. But before we delve into that, let’s start off simple. What is a carbon offset? A carbon offset is a mechanism by which you can pay others to reduce or remove pollution to account for your own emissions. On the surface this seems like a very simple concept, but the deeper you delve, the more complex that becomes.

The reason this is so controversial is due to the multitude of ways in which carbon offsets have been used. Inconsistent frameworks for…

What’s in season? Forests!

We at SettleUp Earth have spent the best part of a year working with academics and partners to delve into the meaning, value, and the significance of forestry. It is in collaboration with our partner, Forest Carbon that we proudly support core practices for renewable forestry. From considerations of soil health to species mix to consideration of waterways and native species, their work stands as a standard of excellence for a holistic approach to afforestation.

So what does a sustainable approach to forestry look like?

First off, it requires caring for the tree planted. An average…

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